I wanted to share my thoughts on the last several months regarding Covid and all the sacrifices we are making to try and keep the spread at bay.

The last year has seen many small businesses fall to the restrictions and imposed lockdowns by our Government. However it seems that the big box establishments are making more and more money. Many of you will feel this isn’t right.

But what is adversity? Is it failing businesses, personal trauma, or new challenges we face everyday. I would like to share the following article regarding my friend (pictured on this post) regarding what I feel is overcoming true adversity.

Fire Destroys Home

If you look at the tattoos she is supporting I truly believe those are true and ever present. The community came together to help a friend and helped bring light in a dark situation.

Do you have an example of true adversity that you have overcome and are willing to share it? Leave a summary in the comments on my Facebook page at

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